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Romantic getaways in Mauritius: 5 scenic spots for couples

Beaches at sunset and candle-lit dinners in resorts are a staple of couple holidays in Mauritius – a staple for a reason, of course! But since variety is the spice of life, why not change the backdrop of your romantic rendez-vous to enjoy Mauritius to its fullest?

These 5 scenic & romantic spots in Mauritius will steal your breath away:

1. Chamarel 7 Coloured Earth Geopark

Let the beach sand give way to the coloured dunes of the Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth Geopark. Spread over a spectacular 8.15 hectares of land, forest, rivers, waterfalls and cultivated land, the Geopark offers a tranquil reprieve from the busyness of everyday life. Birdsong and the rustle of leaves accompany you during your visit where nature is carefully looked after and preserved.

7 Coloured Earth: A unique spectacle to admire together in Mauritius  

7 colours gleaming prettily under the warm Mauritian sun, the wonder of millions of years of natural history, and the contentment of admiring a natural phenomenon with your significant other… Couples will truly enjoy the quality time they spend together, contemplating the dunes (and taking souvenir photos, of course!).

While you could marvel at the shades of the dunes and the variations of colours for hours on end, there is even more to love within the park.

If you or your partner are a reptile-lover, you will be glad to pay a visit to the park's Giant Aldabra Tortoises – sweet, fun creatures with years of wisdom in them.

Chamarel Waterfalls: A breathtaking natural wonder

With their spectacular 100-metre drop, the Chamarel waterfalls within the geopark will have both your hearts racing! It is the tallest single-drop waterfall in Mauritius, so it is a true landmark. Experience the thrill of this adventure with your partner. You can either admire it from afar or hire the services of a local guide to get to the foot of the waterfall. The experience is well worth it: the pounding rush of the water, the cool air, the lushness of the foliage that bursts out of the basalt rocks…it's a must-do while you are in the park.

2. Le Morne Peninsula: A romantic walk on the beach

Le Morne is a small fishing village with a sweet air of tranquillity, even with the omnipresent salty seabreeze. Surrounded by water, with the majestic Le Morne mountain overlooking the village, the peninsula is a prime spot for couples in search of some quietude where they can savour time together slowly. You can go to relax at Le Morne public beach for a picnic and gaze at the faraway spectacle of kitesurfers going with the wind and waves. Of course, a walk at sunset is almost mandatory for a perfect end to your day with your better half!

 3. Bel Ombre Nature Reserve: For a romantic picnic in the wild

Looking to get your heart pumping after a visit to quiet Le Morne? Found in the South of the island, Bel Ombre Natural Reserve is an attraction that truly packs an adrenaline punch. This natural adventure playground stretches across hundreds of hectares between mountains, land, forests and sea. On the adventure menu for you and your better half: exhilarating 4x4 safari explorations, thrilling quad biking courses, trekking through some of the most scenic landscapes on the island, fun-filled buggy rides, cosy picnic pods, and sunset safari tours for a poetic end to a busy, action-packed day.

The best part of this attraction? As the name suggests, the reserve is a protected space where nature is prioritised above all else.

4. Chasing the sunset: Catamaran Cruise

No visit to Mauritius is complete without a sunset catamaran cruise. Picture it: sparkling blue waters, islands slowly coming into view from faraway, sipping on cocktails with your significant other…

Sunset cruise in the West Coast

Take an idyllic catamaran sunset trip along the West Coast to Benitiers Island. The islet provides you with a lovely white sand beach, beautiful casuarina and palm trees, as well as an amazing view of the magnificent Le Morne Brabant. Quite the romantic atmosphere!

Sunset cruise in the North to Coin de Mire

Enjoy an escapade to some of the northern region's most beautiful islets! These sunset cruises will lead you close to the iconic Gunner's Quoin (Coin de Mire) and will often allow you to admire Gabriel, Round, and Flat island.

5. Cap Malheureux: The famous red-roofed church of Mauritius

A quiet, coastal village on the northern part of the island, Cap Malheureux is home to the iconic red-roofed church by the sea. Couples from all over the world come to take photographs – even some wedding ones – at this place of worship that has transcended all barriers and united Mauritians in their love for it.