Chamarel Coffee has been produced in Chamarel since 1967. The plantations were established by the Bel Ombre sugar estate with the assistance of Oswald du Chasteleer, a coffee planter previously based in the Belgian Congo. Today, Chamarel Coffee is the only coffee grown and processed in Mauritius.


Chamarel Coffee is made from pure Arabica coffee beans. Arabica, or Coffea Arabica, is one of the most popular coffee varieties in the world. A small tree that grows up to 9 meters high, it originated in the highlands of Ethiopia and is believed to be the first species of coffee ever to be cultivated by humans.


Chamarel’s plantations extend over 16 hectares at an altitude of 280 metres above sea level. The coffee trees are planted between rows of palm trees to protect them from the wind and harsh sunlight. The trees flower in November, with the first summer rains, then produce bright red berries containing two coffee beans. The fruit is harvested by hand between May to September by a team of experienced female pickers.


The fruit, which is of exceptional quality due to its careful handling, is then wet-processed or “washed”. The fruit covering the coffee beans is removed, and the beans inside are then dried and roasted using our signature artisanal methods.

Chamarel Coffee is available for purchase in the form of whole beans, espresso or filter coffee. Stop at the 7 Coloured Earth’s souvenir shop to buy some Chamarel Coffee and take a piece of Mauritius home with you! You can also enjoy a refreshing espresso, black coffee or latte at the 7 Coloured Earth’s coffee shop before you leave.