Due to the roadworks on Baie du Cap - Chamarel - Case Noyale road (B104), traffic will be interrupted in both directions until further notice. Alternative route and access: from the village of Choisy or via Grand-Bassin / Plaines Champagne Road.

Red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow. An almost surreal, lunar-like spectacle of rainbow-hued sand dunes unfolds before your eyes, leaving you utterly mesmerised. Set in the middle of lush green vegetation, this unique geological oddity is one of those amazing creations of nature that just make you go “Wow”.

The undulating strips of multi-coloured sand that spontaneously settle in different layers are one of the most photographed and visited sights on the island. They sit in an open clearing whose lower edge is skirted by an endemic plant garden highlighting the natural heritage of Mauritius. On the upper edge, spectacular views of a vast amphitheatre of ravines clothed with luxuriant tropical vegetation and a glimpse of the picturesque Chamarel Waterfall in the distance.

Open all year round from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm in summer and 5pm in winter, the Geopark is a must-see attraction for curious minds of all ages. Among other things, there is also a fun and interesting Tortoise Park and a Souvenir Shop offering an array of memorabilia, including local products from Chamarel while the Coffee shop is a happy café experience.

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